Praia de Algodões, Península de Maraú
26.12 a 03.01
Pt | En
Praia de Algodões, Península de Maraú
26.12 a 03.01
Pt | En
26.12 a 03.01 Praia de Algodões,
Península de Maraú


‘Mamão’ presents Poison Fruit
Mamão is the drummer of one of the most canonic Brazilian Jazz Funk bands – Azymuth. That should already be enough as an intro. But here he gifts us with a brand-new show created to present his fresh project: Poison Fruit. A mouth-watering groove collection which renews his already legendary touch. Imagine all of that, but with your feet on the sand…
Dj Marky (7″set)
Master of many formats and manipulator of diverse rhythms, Marky is one of those few that can afford the luxury of choosing any sort of platform or tool to do what he knows best. Here he opens up his enormous compacts collection and uses his celebrated skills in mixing musical elements to create ‘earthquake-esque’ forces capable of undermining lands and tides, hips and minds. A must see!
My Girlfriend
Benja and Zopelar condense lots of the best that has come out of two nocturnal musical generations in São Paulo: one has helped shape the current panorama and the other lolls in it. A meeting of visions which brought to life the colorful and powerful sound of My Girlfriend. And, on this happy case, the confluence ended up in a mix of striped back concepts and musical audacity which could be seen as a kooky idea, were they not such a fertile and prodigious combo.
Bárbara Boeing
Before the first edition of XAMA, we said “if we can map everything that makes a dance-floor turn into something special, we would have a complex algorithm. But it’s exactly on this complexity that Barbara Boeing safely navigates…”. Little did we know what awaited us. She had us sailing the Maraú Peninsula’s calm waters while swinging through the sounds of many parts, taking us on a fluvial and musical journey adrift marvelous scenarios. So, if the unexpected turned into unforgettable, what should we wait on this come back?
Should we try to visualize a human form for a mythical figure that relentlessly pours rhythms and melodies, we wouldn’t get far from Trepanado when he steps up on the decks – be it in or out of his natural habitat, Selvagem. That’s what translates on the conception of this transnational communion which we call XAMA, where he acts making it more exciting on its second edition as a co-founder, curator and, obviously, animator.
Escombro (Live)
A seismic event is something that emerges in diverse degrees, holds several intensities and often results in what we call “escombro”. Reversing this sequence of phenomena, Escombro live generates waves capable of reconstructing reality around us in fascinating form, gathering scattered kinetical forces in one focal point that shakes it all.
Ahead of Cereal Melodia radio and Void’s musical program, apart from also playing at both, as well as on the most diverse musical picnics in São Paulo, Carlim is a multilayered and versatile presence, owning a creative frenzy which aggregates something special to what we will create in Algodões.
Gui Scott
If we make an imaginative exercise and try to foresee how Gui Scott will overcome any of his last year’s prowess, probably not even him will know the answer. But the same versatility will come to play again, now with an advantage: both, him and us, know the field. At least the dreamlike scenario, as with Gui the musical itineraries can never be traced beforehand.
Amanda Mussi
One of the most powerful presences of the broad feminine front that is revolutionizing how we organize and relish on dance music around São Paulo, Amanda Mussi adds up to our musical menu as one of the most celebrated selectors to compound it. She uses audio strength and activist power as a vector to an infectious message which translates in a fine balance of plentiful percussive elements as well as strong contemplative breaks.
Millos Kaiser
Millos Kaiser is a key figure of the festival for many reasons other than being one of its founders. Loaded with his insatiable appetite for ethnic music and his unstoppable will to make hips shake in delightful fashion, he brings paramount elements to what we host at Costa do Dendê – making our Bahia adventures a kind of happening worth repeating every year.
Ways we create to express ourselves abound and are so unique as they are powerful. But it is through these rhythm and melody compounds that universal ways to formulate what we still don’t know come to life. Perhaps that’s the reason why restless souls like Gabto’s serve themselves of so many creative platforms and pour music of the most varied kinds, sizes, colors and flavors – making of him an important member of our festive troupe.
Last time we scrubbed our feet on the fine sands of Algodões to the sounds of Cauana, night fell and a splendorous moon bathed us to an exquisite selection mixed in staggering fashion. A lavish presence in all her shyness and a subtle instigator in any dj booth, we know for sure this year she will set the place on fire just as she did on her XAMA bar appearance in 2019.
Doing justice to its name for what it represents as part of a pioneering generation and also for what it portrays in terms of a gigantic musical knowledge, Jurrásico condenses in his selections a variety of coastal sounds and Caribbean basses and grooves which make him an assertive addition to the vibe controlling team which turn out to build what the festival really is.
Reports on Omoloko’s last Algodões appearance recount moments of corporal frenzy amongst all attendees. It is mostly possible that it was eclectic enough to still remain in your mind, as well as energetic enough in order to still be seen in the landscape of such paradisiac beach.
Captain of the spaceship that took off with all dancers at Tikal – and which seems not to be back yet – probably TYV still awaits us there. Now he shall still be afloat on top of that sand, recharging rhythmic batteries, recalibrating his melodic sailboat and storing harmonic supplies to take us on another journey. The only model hard to know is the destiny, but that doesn’t really matter.
Spearheading the kind of endeavor which places love for music as indivisible from love for dancing, Elohim gave all lovers of both special shelters to celebrate it. As such, Balsa as well as Talco Bells became these magical places where people and groove bond together, regardless of era or age. He brings his collection of 7’’ vinyl to XAMA 2020, showcasing the infamous Compacto party he created exactly to prize such format and the remarkable musicality which he helped perpetuate.
A while back, the arrival of the alchemists was announced, but little did we know on how they would be amongst us. Still, it wouldn’t be hard to imagine Pensanuvem and its sensorial enchantments as one of their present-day reps. Scholar of the innumerous rhythms that slather the world and its multiple uses in varied rituals, she brings along her knowledge of melodic and rhythmic arcanes to help create the hedonist vibe that energizes our dance floors.
Forró Red Light
The mix of traditional Brazilian folkloric music and a futuristic touch brought by this duo from the country’s northeast is something rather unique. As such, it lifted their name amongst national music connoisseurs and took them to all festive corners of our immense territory. A phenomenon which gained notoriety during the last few years, but was clearly heightened by what they did at XAMA 2019. The ones who were there remember the amount of dust the dancing feet sent to the sky during their intergalactic-folk energetic act.
Carrot Green
If it is still necessary to explain what makes of this Rio-based character such a recurrent figure at XAMA, that should be because his relevance was not fully comprehended at first. Carrot Green is an instrumental presence not only due to what his repertoire can add to our already rich musical melting pot, but specially because of all the heat and upheaval he brings along, boiling the pot to even higher temperatures.
The collective NEUE and the DJs that form it are responsible for keeping temperatures in a constant high during the year at their Southern-most city – arguably the coldest metropolis in the country. A fundamental part of what kept our ovens heated, they come back with more fuel to burn this year, helping elevate bodies and souls to a fusion point that resembles what we reached last year.
Reminiscing our last adventures in Bahia, it is easy to imagine Moretz’s euphoric figure in uncountable moments that made XAMA such a memorable festival. Untiring and unbelievable at both sides of the booth, her contagious energy ran across days and nights, rivers and shores, guided by both: sensorial stimulus and the magic of those enchanting moments.
To continuously quench the crowd which we embodied at Tikal day in and day out was not an easy task. But the presence of this duo, famous for shaking hips and stomping foots in their hometown of Rio de Janeiro, was crucial to achieve the final goal. As such, it is natural that the RARA djs make their come back to the sandy and sunny land which they drove in light and playful fashion during XAMA 2019.
Linda Green
Linda Green is an exuberant figure with the fertile, diverse and multicolored presence she offers to anyone eager to venture on the São Paulo night scene. Amongst her many talents, the radiant persona and the thrilling sets are the highlights, bringing along a hefty dose of invention and informality, making Linda a precious element of the dancing compound which is the quintessential essence of XAMA.
Mari Boaventura
Producer, musical researcher, head honcho of Boaventura Discos and manager of a heavy weight female scout. Mari Boaventura is the manifestation of a force, owning some wary ears and refined fingers when it comes to musical selection. She joins us on the blissful waters of XAMA.
Caio T
There might be a thin line – or even a whole universe – between the ethereal and the tangible, but it’s exactly on this place full of virtues that all these frequencies that move and stir us seam to act. Therefore, there is no surprise in finding this exact interstice full of possibilities is where Caio T likes best to undertake his long and sophisticated maneuvers, aiming a horizon that, even though not seen from where we stand, will be worthy seeking for.
Tessuto is one of the most inventive, iconic and comic figures that shape the São Paulo nightlife fauna. Captaining the extravagant ship manifested on his Carlos Capslock parties and embodying its central character, he adds a facetious and activist surrealism to the already dense mix of desires and delusions that will materialize in such a wistful coastal landscape.
Ney Faustini
“DJ’s DJ” might sound cliché, but it can be very accurate when defining such profession. Especially when we use it to try and describe how Ney Faustini does what he does. Strolling through all kinds of influences and looking back into all sorts of references to build sets based on eclecticism and crowd pleasing, he is one of many scheduled to turn Algodões’ idyllic scenarios into something surreally danceable.
Many forces combined to create the full-fledged nightlife effervescence happening right now in Belo Horizonte. A big part of this refreshing movement is due to the effort of artists such as Belisa. Founder of MASTERplano and expert when it comes to the local scene’s idiosyncrasies, she brings a bag full of tricks and tracks full of power and expertise which collaborate heaps to the flue we are seeking for New Years.
Among the many delightful moments that loomed the beaches and rivers of Maraú, and the swells of human and musical energy that conjoined in such place, plenty came as a result of Nascii’s sensibility. The forecast for this year is equally promising, given that while celestial bodies are favorable and human bodies positioning are free, the aural forces he commands will flow unfailingly.
Craig Ouar
Original member of the French-Brazilian expedition that pioneered the infamous hill at XAMA’s first edition, this daring world-sounds hunter/collector solidified his reputation as a musical explorer specialized in Brazil’s rhythmic opulence. Craig Ouar’s come back to the ranks that compound the group of selectors on this year’s edition guarantee a fine variety of imperative moments amidst such natural beauty.
Giu Nunez
To outflow one’s own creativity through someone else’s creations is one of the finest ways to celebrate the musical diversity of any given tradition – being also the essence of what a DJ does best. This demeanor is exactly what Giu Nunez transforms in art on each and every selection she does, them being sublime narratives that praise all the best music can be and evoke.
Pino Henrique Pedra
Explore the world through its sounds is a privilege we celebrate in any occasion we make music part of our lives – no matter where, when or how. That’s something Pino takes as a mission on his adventurous musical journeys, in which his gushing personality and eclectic sensibility venture us through the most diverse soundscapes. Thinking we will already be in a paradisiac place, what sounds better than traveling without moving?
Gabriel Schettini
Member of the gracious Rio de Janeiro team Festa Até as 4, Gabriel Schettini shaped his approach on the intense fire that made of his party one of the most warm-hearted proofs of the city’s dancing tradition. Alone he would already make a huge difference, as it is easy to imagine his mixes creating fervor on the floors. But getting to our idyllic Bahian headquarters with his bunch aside, the weather forecast that encompasses dancing possibilities are even more auspicious.
Giu Viscardi
When cheeky dancers get to coastal landscapes, which is exactly our case, Giu Viscardi makes sure she is right in the middle. There, on the eye of the storm, she undertakes her musical vision and ramps up the body moves, stirring up what is necessary for the in-demand reactions to happen, transforming something pretty into something sublime.
Dani Souto
Chancellor Dani Souto’s last appearance at Algodões’ sunny beaches left a sweet and joyful footprint. It’s very unlikely that someone who witnessed some of his crushing sets during his last visit might be able to forget what they sensed. That’s exactly why we will leave to the imagination of the ones who were not there to try and scope what it really was.
Amongst all that compounds the range of activities that generate the sound forces which move us, it is hard to tell one which Facchinetti doesn’t perform. One of the most active and creative deputies of a scene in constant boiling, he unfolds in several roles – from central figure at his own record label Facchi Records, to operating the young but resounding radio Lapa55.
From the deep waters that harbored the lakey Na Manteiga sessions, to the highest peaks of the hills from where we emanated festive energies, JP was a constant presence. In or out of the booth, any side of the Peninsula, there he was entertaining our adventures – a strong support we will be glad to have on board once again.
Many factors make musical selection (an integral part of a DJs’ job) one of the main conceptual roots of our event – and all of these can be found in a unrelentless prospector such as Jotapê Aires. Be it seeking musical jewels or heading Borogodó Sistema Estereofônico, his riveting acting in the Fortaleza scene as well as his compelling selections are a word of mouth around the country.
The burning flue which propels the festival is formed by an array of elements, some basic, some acid, but all made to create euphoric explosions and human heat. PH comes into these equations in order to catalyze the best part of each element, intensifying effects and improving results with the same skills which made him a central figure in the Southern Brazil scene.
De Sena e Rotunno
Two members of the Curitiba collective Alter Disco and central pieces of the oneiric-rhythmic machinery which set XAMA in constant pace, De Sena & Rotunno come back to the Peninsula trained on the local rituals, making sure they will recreate and reinvent what we lived last year. One monumental task for many, but not for this duo which knows best that it is all a matter of music and people meeting on the right place, at the right time.
Another member of the expedition that pioneered the whole Peninsula provided with not much more than music, Rache’s come back announces an immense dancing potential. Looking back at what he did last year, all signs point at delicious surprises ahead.
Phil Mill
2020, Phill Mill and us. Summing it up, that’s what we expect to have on the plentiful places, moments and feelings which add up to create the festival’s magic – and that abound on his own refined Alter Disco party. And when we talk festival, we think not only of this artistic fellowship from all corners of Brazil playing in paradise, but mainly on this meeting of talents and tribes that feast on what they can offer.