About XAMA

The last sparkles of XAMA 2019 had just vanished and we were already idealizing our come back for 2020 New Year’s. Since then, moved by memories of such unforgettable days and nights, reminiscing the warm sea breeze, that’s what we’ve been doing. The goal for this year? More of the same (which was already magic) but better and more intense.

The assortment bigger, more diverse, unabridged and organic. New friends, old friends, and the reunion of even more Brazilian collectives in the veiled sands of Algodões. The open-bar parties receive refreshed winds and musical menus. Boat parties, captained by the collectives, explore the calm waters of the less lonely Peninsula. The open-air dancefloor, the beach-front stage and the oceanic natural-air-con of our XAMA Bar still alive and kicking washed by the gentle shores of the Atlantic. And guaranteeing the most disputed aquatic-floor in Bahia, Na Manteiga strikes back commanding the dancing lagoon. Is there still more? Of course. Shall we tell it all now? Of course not. One thing is for sure: the count down and the progressive anxiety are already eyeing December 26th 2019 – the day XAMA 2020 will be born.